Tell me what's your name
Second Duet
Monday All Day
Soldiers' Talk
Tel-Aviv Flora&Fauna
The tiger's mind
Hypnosis at the museum
Plateau Stories
Repetitions 1
Anat Shamgar / Tom Soloveitzik / Masha Zusman
Repetitions 5
Anat Shamgar / Tom Soloveitzik / Masha Zusman
Invisible contracts
Tom Soloveitzik / Hugit Rubinstein / Talia De-Vries
Tectonics Festival 2015
With Haggai Fershtman & Yoni Niv
The Dybbuk
Letter to the father
Air 2011
a piece for computer, instruments and movement [2011]
Rasham Kol
Musica Nova
Tom Soloveitzik and Nitai Levy
The Scratch Orchestra
Holon Digital Art Center
The orchard began where the street e
Theory Performance
Ido Govrin and Musica Nova
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