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Letter to the Father
short musical pictures for a soloist, a cellist and four friends

Frantz Kafka wrote the letter to his father towards the end of his life and as far as we can tell never delivered it to him. Like the rest of Kafka’s writings it was published against his will after his death. Along the letter’s many pages Kafka reveal in full detail his relationship with his father and come to terms with his father (and himself). In this work, selected parts from the letter are being sung by the soloist and a ‘choir of unprofessional singers friends’ - a group of 36 year old men, Kafka’s age at the time of writing the letter and mine as well. The choir singing and the cellist playing are based upon mimicking in real time pre recorded material that is played back to the headphones that each one of them is wearing.

Soloist: Avigail Amster II Friends: Yaron Feldman, Valery Bolotin, Amichai Benjamin, Tom Soloveitzik II Cellist: Dan Weinstein


The work was created for Kola shel Ha'Mila 11 festival in August 2012. In March 2014 a second version of the work was presented as a surround sound installation at the SoundART Pasaz, Tel-Aviv.

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