TS, Hannes Lingnes, Anat Shamgar, Tami Leibovitz

Room Dance Festival

Hazira Theater, Jerusalem




TS, Hannes Lingnes, Anat Shamgar, Tami Leibovitz

Room Dance Festival

Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv


Duo W/ Anat Shamgar

Sphere #12




Miracles in the room

A new text in the book: Constellation - The Center For Digital Art 2011-2021

24.7.21 - Heart Advice: Yonatan Giron. As part of the Out of the cube project. Duo W/Shaul Kohn.

24.4.21 - Aqua Alta: new A/V piece by Orr Sinay & Dani Williamson. w/ Nitai Levi. Hansen House, Jerusalem

23.4.21 - Plateau Stories Park Hahurshot. w/ Anat Shamgar and in collaboration w/ Michal Samama, Omer Uziel & Noa Simhayof-Shahaf.

29.3.21 - Two interviews for the new recordedness site. In the first one Frantz Loriot talks with me about my album 'Air 2011' and in the other I'm interviewing Yan Jun.

29.12.20 - New soundtrack to Anat Shamgar's dance for the 31st edition of Room Dances Festival.

3.11.20 - Amplified Silence, by Shira Legmann & Yftach Kadan, Tiveon water tower.


14.10.20 - Andy Graydon's A*rray, a series of music compositions based on moving image score. New album with Musica Nova.

8.10.20 - Mar Haim, Audio visual installation by Yoni Niv. Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

4.9.20 - Tel Aviv Flora & Fauna released on Suppedaneum.

1.6.20 - Air 2011, new album + pdf booklet, released on Hedim.

30.5.20 Tel Aviv Flora & Fauna

Ya’akov Garden, Tel Aviv. info

28-29.2.20 Looking at the sea, Longing - new opera by Kiki Keren Huss - Teiva, Tel Aviv. info

19.1.20 w/ Emanuella Amichai, Zumu, Kiryat Yam.


7.1.20 w/ Yifeat Ziv & Maayan Tsadka

Levontin 7, Tel Aviv. info

21.12.19 Michael Maierhof W/ The Scratch Orchestra, Digital Art Center, Holon. info

10.12.19 Tel Aviv Flora & Fauna:

Teiva, Tel Aviv. info

29.11.19 The Scratch Orchestra @Social Bauhaus Festival, Ora Cinema, Haifa. info

21.11.19 Echo-System - Maayan Tsadka & Lior Ben Gai, Digital Art Center, Holon. info

12.11.19 The Holon Scratch Orchestra

City University, London. info

14.9.19 Impressions W/ Yifeat Ziv

Mazkeka, Jerusalem. info

24.6.19 The Tiger's Mind, Cardew Revisited

Mazkeka, Jerusalem. info

3.3.19 Repetitiones #8 w/ Anat Shamgar & Masha Zusnman, The Refrigerator, Tel Aviv. info

25.5.19 Tell Me What’s Your Name 

W/ Michal Oppenheim & The Scratch Orchestra

Digital Art Center, Holon. info

23.5.19 Repetitiones #7 w/ Anat Shamgar & Masha Zusnman, The Refrigerator, Tel Aviv. info

9.3.19 Tell Me What’s Your Name

W/ Michal Oppenheim & The Scratch Orchestra

Digital Art Center, Holon. info

30.1.19 - 2.219 W/ Frantz Loriot

Teiva, Tel Aviv ||  Pyramida, Haifa || Mazkeka, Jerusalem. info

26.12.18 Uncreative Music W/ Shaul Kohn,

Mazkeka, Jerusalem. info

25.12.18 Warriors Talk - Audience Presence -Teiva, Tel Aviv.

22.12.18 || 27.12.18 Second Duet w/ Anat Shamgar Room Dance Festival, Teiva, Tel Aviv & Gerhard Behar Center, Jerusalem.


15.12.18 Musica Nova + Hyperion Ensemble, Tectonics Festival, Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv. info


2-3.11.18 Korhan & Anil & Friends:

Sowieso, Berlin. info

20.9.18 - 13.10.18 Exhibition: Soldiers' Talk. Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv. info

7.9.18 Loopholes - levontin 7, Tel-

Aviv. info

4.9.18 Quantum - Musica Nova w/ Ulrich Krieger. Special guests: Faust. Hateiva, Tel-Aviv. info

28.7.18 Easy Jet #1 - Gate 3 gallery, Haifa. info

4.7-5.7.18 Barbur B&B 2018 residency -Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem. info  

27.6.18 No Sexual Relationship - Musica Nova @Mazkeka, Jerusalem. info

9.6.18 The Scratch Orchestra after An-Sky - Holon Digital Art Center, Holon. info 

15.5.18 ContComp Festival with Musica Nova @Haifa University. info

5.5.18 Which does not cease not being written - Holon Digital Art Center, Holon. info

3.5.18 Tel-Aviv flora & fauna no.3 - Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem. info

21.4.18 Musica Nova @ Tel-Aviv Museum chamber music series. Tel-Aviv. info

6.4.18 Travel Light #1, experimental solo(s), Zimmer, Tel-Aviv. info

22.3.18 Revisiting 'plateau stories' with Anat Shamgar. info

14.3.18 Zmadim Kvedim 16. Duo with Shaul kohan @Mazkeka, Jerusalem. info

23.12.17, 30.12.17 Plateau Stories,  RoomDances Festival, Tel-Aviv & Jerusalem. info

17.12.17 Couch Potatoes, handwerk & Musica Nova, Colonge. info

8.12.17 trio w/Frant Loriot & Raphael Loher, Wim, Zurich. info