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Which Does Not Cease Not Being Written

The exhibition is a product of the ongoing collaboration between Musrara: The Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society in Jerusalem and the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon

✶The opening event will include performances by Hagai Izenberg, Maxim Turbo, HaTehomim, Kashaiof, Zohar Shafir, Maya Dunietz, Tom Soloveitzik, Itamar Weiner✶

"Which Does Not Cease Not Being Written" presents works by students from the Advanced Studies Program in Experimental Composition and sound art at Musrara School together with works by guest artists.

Participating artists:

Hilla Ben Ari, Amir Givon, Sharon Glazberg, Yonatan Geron, Denis Mashkevich, Meital Covo, Or Rimer, Galia Einey and Ira Shalit

Curator: Dr. Yoni Niv

The exhibition sums up a process of several months, in the course of the program’s residency at the Center, in which the students developed works as well as worked on curating the exhibition. Which Does Not Cease Not Being Written focuses on the relation between body and language, a theme that was formulated through a joint exploration of the concept of The Object Voice. Like the gaze or handwriting, the voice is an ontologically questionable object – an intermediate site between body and language. In itself, the voice is not a body, but a kind of second-order body, a recollection or notation of a body, that dissipates immediately upon its appearance. The voice is the material platform of language, a carrier of meaning, but in itself, it is shorn of all meaning. The works presented in the exhibition address that interim or hybrid space between body and language in different ways. 

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