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One day residency at Barbur Gallery

I'm very happy to join this year version of Barbur B&B residency.

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Hosting of artists at the Barbur Gallery

Barbur gallery is happy to announce for the fourth time the opening of the annual artists residency program Barbur B&B .

This year more than 30 artists were invited to sojourn at the gallery, each one for one day, during the month of July.

The program starts on the Sunday evening, 01.07, and will continue until 31.07.

Every day and night (except Shabbats) a different artist or artists’ group will stay at the gallery, sleeping, eating, working, performing, and meeting people.

The public is invited to visit the gallery, meet the artists, talk on the works and on life.

The residency participants come from various fields of art — plastic arts, music, dance. theater, performance, poetry, urban arts and critical writing.

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